What is the Penile Enhancement Injection?

Administered by a Licensed Medical Doctor

The History of the Penile Enhancement Injection

The Penile Enhancement Injection is a procedure designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance to men, especially those who have lost function due to multiple reasons as they age.

Benefits of the Penile Enhancement Injection

If you choose to receive the Penile Enhancement Injection, you’ll immediately notice a larger, stronger and even straighter penis. The Penile Enhancement Injection can even help improve circulation in your penis and strengthen the tissue, which is an added plus regarding your overall health. And since it uses components of your own blood, which is drawn from your arm, placed in a centrifuge and then used in the actual injection, there’s no risk of having a bad reaction. If you’re currently taking oral medication such as Viagra or Cialis for your ED, the Penile Enhancement Injection will only increase the effectiveness of these medications, which will, in turn, make your sex life even richer.

Who benefits from the Penile Enhancement Injection?

Erectile dysfunction affects up to 52% of men, which accounts for approximately 18 million men in the US alone. These statistics are compiled based on each decade of a man’s life—for example, 40% of men in their forties can expect to experience ED at some point. If you suffer from this condition, you’ll be glad to know there’s now an option to treat your ED that doesn’t include having to take a pill whenever you’re “in the mood”, multiple injections or even surgery.

If the thought of receiving an injection directly into your penis leaves you feeling a bit squeamish and uncertain about the procedure, rest assured that steps are taken to make it as pain-free as possible. A strong, topical numbing cream, usually Lidocaine is applied to the penis before the injection is administered. A small needle is used for the injection, which is administered directly to the tissue. Recipients have stated that the pain factor is similar or even less than having blood drawn from their arm or receiving an injection into their buttocks.

After receiving the Penile Enhancement Injection, some men have seen a 10-20% increase in both penis length and girth. This means at least a one-inch growth in length and girth. Since only one injection is required, there is no risk of developing scar tissue, unlike men who must inject themselves with other ED remedies several times a week.